How To Earn

PTC = Paid To Click


1. Register at Alertpay or Paypal FREE

You will need to do this so that Paid To Click (PTC) sites can pay you.


2. Register a Gmail account FREE

You need to have an email account to complete the next step.


3. Visit The Best PTC Sites and join the sites FREE

This site contain one of the best PTC sites daily updated. Just register at them and start earning!


4. Visit all the PTC sites daily and view all the ads u get from them...and u will be paid per ad.

For more earnings, increase Your Downline referrals.

More details:


1. How do PTC sites work?

PTC sites is a way to communicate between advertisers and publishers (in

this case the clickers or also called affiliators) Advertisers want to

show their sites to people and they pay for it. Users at the ptc sites

want to earn money and they do it by clicking the ads from advertisors.



2. What is a referral?

There is an "upline" and a "downline".

The downline is the so called "referral", a person who joined with a

special link from already existing user. The upline is the person who

is already registred at a site and is helping other people to register

at the sites with the special link from the upline.



3. Why do we need referrals?

The PTC and many GPT (Get Paid To) owners invest a lot of money in their

sites. They also have to invest in selfsponsored ads when they start

because there are no advertisers willing to advertise at a site with

only 10 members. That's why they offer referral earnings to the people

who help other people to register witht heir special link called

"referral link or ref link". Referral earnings can be everything from

5-100% of what the downline (referrals) earn to 1-10 cent for each new

referral that join your downline.


Referral earnings help the ptc owners to use less money on advertising (or no at

all) in the long run. The higher referral earnings are the more people

are willing to invest their own money in advertising the site to get

these referral earnings that can be really huge if you got a very big

downline (many referrals).

Useful PTC tips:


    * Join minimum 8 to 10 good sites

    * don't expect earnings in just 15 to 30 days

    * Build your down line members (referrals)

    * Be patient

    * work regularly without failure (Click ads)

    * Visit the forums of respected site and read other members views

    * Make your own website or blog to collect referrals

   * When earnings start invest your money wisely.


How to judge a good site:


    * Click rates $0.01 to $0.015 ( below and above this is not ideal)

    * Daily 8 to 15 clicks is standard rate ( more than this may be scam)

    * Payout amount 2 to 10$

    * Waiting period should not more then 30 days

    * Don't Join forum less site.

    * Don't join if lot of complaints made by members in their forum

    * Read their Terms and Services.

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